49hoursxagoxx (49hoursxagoxx) wrote,

"Sometimes people use thought to not participate in life"

I can relate to that.

I've noticed that
people really do change
when they're around certain people.
like, when a girl gets a boyfriend, for example
she basis her life around him
and starts acting like him.

It's just weird.
people are weird.

But I know that when I had a boyfriend I was really happy.
even if our relationship was boring, due to my lack of experience and social anxiety.

It's funny how you think you're 'content' with someone
but they're not content with you.

It's not like I NEED a boyfriend, I just really want one.
Personally, I just want sex.
None of that.. attachment-fighting-jealousy bullshit.
I'm not really like that in a relationship anywho.
But I do want someone who will at least... make me feel wanted.
( but really my hormones are insane right now )

I don't think sex is at anyway 'cool'.
Just to throw that out there.

"World of Warcraft is a feeling. Who needs a social life?"

for real.
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